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Living Happy Ever After – Is It Possible?

When I first joined London escorts, I started to wonder why so few London escorts left to get married. Now that I have been working for an elite London escorts agency for 5 years, I have started to appreciate why so few escorts in London leave to get married. The sad truth is that most escorts in London are not sure if living happily ever after is for real. Still, I know that many girls dream of doing so. It is not easy to change your mind about this popular idea, or misconception as affordable London escorts would probably have you believe.

Yes, it is true. I think that the idea of living happily ever after is a bit of a misconception. I am not sure who came up with the idea, but you certainly often hear it mention in fairy tales. You know what I mean – the prince and the princess lived happily ever after. But then again, perhaps I am only disillusioned with the idea because I work for a London escorts. It does not matter what you say, men who like to date London escorts are often married.

My parents have been together for a long time. Are they happy? I am not sure that they are happy. Their relationship often seems to be a relationship out of necessity. That does not sound very romantic does it? My dad does not know how to cook and my mom does not know how to change a light bulb. I often think they stay together just because of practical reasons. The rest of the time, they seem to live independent lives just like so many men who are into dating London escorts.

I guess you probably think that I am being negative. The thing is that I am not sure that we are meant to be together with one partner for the rest of our lives. Speaking to my London escorts clients, it is clear that many of them are bored with their partners. What do you do if you do become bored with your partner after a couple of years of marriage? It is not like you can part exchange them and find a new partner. That is not how it works.

Are more people beginning to realise this? It is not only London escorts who are staying single. Many of my other friends who are nothing to do with London escorts are staying single as well. Breaking up with or getting divorced are both very hard to do. I guess that most of us would like to avoid that. I sometimes think that relationship can last. That is often when we meet someone later in life and realise that we only have a certain amount of time left. Maybe it is better to stay single and make the most of life on your own terms. That is what I keep asking myself. It is not easy what to do. After all, we only have one life to live.