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Deeper and Better Orgasms

Orgasms are an important part of making love and having sex. There are many different ways of making sure that you can enjoy a better and deeper orgasm with your partner.

Escorts know that orgasms are an important part of sex and many escorts have explored different ways of having better orgasms. Some escorts may even do exercises to improve their ability to enjoy orgasms, and many of them also use toys for that extra bit of fun or sensation. To find out more on the subject of Orgasms visit http://charlotteaction.org.

How to enjoy sex more

Not all escorts are naturally sexy or can deliver orgasms all the time but many practise doing so using sex toys or different exercises.
Many escorts do yoga and there are some holds and grips in yoga which can really help you to achieve better orgasms.

Yoga Triangulation Hold

The yoga triage, or triangulation hold involves engaging your pelvic floor muscles when sitting or standing up. It is actually a part of balancing poses such as the eagle or the tree but has become a part of general pelvic floor exercises.

The exercise itself is several thousands of years old, and has practised by women in the Far East and in India for a long time. It is relatively new to the West but more and more women are beginning to enjoy its benefits. 

Some doctors will refer to it as anal grip but this is grossly incorrect. Many more muscles are used and it can be a very difficult technique to master. However, it can allow both men and women to achieve better orgasms. Women can use this grip, or hold, during penetration which will increase the pleasure for both partners.

This is one of the favorite holds many escorts like to use when practising or just enjoying themselves.

Sex Toys

Many of us do use sex toys when we have sex but the question is if we use them to their full extent. Vibrators for instance are very enjoyable for the ladies but can be used on men as well both before and during penetration. 

One way for a man to give a woman a better and deeper orgasm is to hold a vibrator against her clitoris during sex, This is not possible in all positions but there are some positions which make it possible. Side ways positions make the use a vibrator easier, and it can also help to make the woman experience multiple orgasms.

Men like vibrators as well. Vibrators can be used to stimulate the genital area before sex. It can be a very relaxing experience for men and lead to deeper orgasm which stimulate the prostate gland. Many of the nerves that stimulate orgasms are located around the prostate gland.

Vibrators can also be used during penetration in certain positions. When the lady is on top facing the man’s toes, she can use a vibrator to stimulate him further. Rest the vibrator gently against a man’s testicles and he will experience a much deeper and stronger orgasms.

Escorts also have many other tips on how to improve your love and sex life. Above all, they say it is about being versatile and not being afraid of experimenting with new ideas and pleasures. Sometimes it is difficult to let go and just play with each others bodies.

All Women Are Sluts: How To Bring Out A Girl’s Naughty Side

Turn on the Television or the news and they would have you believe that women are nothing but little angels who don’t like sex.

Talk to one of your friends or family members and they would tell you that women don’t like men who constantly talk and think about sex.

Talk to women themselves and even they would have you believe that having sex is the last thing on their mind and that they’d prefer to spend their time dating a “Nice Guy” who pay for their dates and treat them like “Goddesses on pedastals”.

But when you look at women’s actions and NOT their words, you begin to notice something very profound and eye opening.

All women are “sluts” who enjoy having hot, raunchy sex with powerful sexy men. Every girl who you meet has an “inner slut” inside her.

And the onus rests on YOU to unleash and bring out her naughty, sensual side.

But My Girl’s A “Good Girl”

The #1 thing that I hear men say when I tell them that all women are “sluts” is that their girl is “different” and “special”. Their girl doesn’t do those “things” or that “stuff”.

Oh no, their girl is NOT normal and would not:

sleep with a man on the first date
Pay for dates for the men they go out on dates with
Be open to you having a “casual relationship” with them while you sleep with other girls on the side

In truth, these men would have you believe that the girls they date are prude, asexual women who don’t even like or enjoy sex.

As a man with some experience, you should already recognize that this is all non-sense and false societal programming.

Society and the media wants you to believe that the key into a girl’s pants is to take things slowly, compliment a woman, and get girl’s to “like” you.

And all of this would be true, except…

NONE of this advice actually works in the real world.

All girls are sluts and love meeting a strong, dominant man who is able to seduce them and teach them new things about their own bodies that they didn’t even know their bodies could do.

All women love meeting men who can “claim” them, lead them to sex quickly, and overcome their last minute resistance.

The guys who are able to pass all of the girls tests are the guys who know and realize that all women have an erotic, slutty side to them and enjoy experiencing screaming orgasms and ectsasy.

The key difference is how you treat a woman. The way you interact with women will dictate whether or not she will reveal her naughty side to YOU.

How To Unleash And Bring Out A Girl’s Inner Naughty Side

As I said, the key to making a woman act like a “slut” around you is the way you come across in your interactions with the women you meet.

Are you a guy who is non-judgmental and treat all women with the same amount of respect?

Do you believe that a girl who is promiscuous is somehow less worthy of a relationship than a girl who has a lower sexual partner count?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions then you will continue to struggle and this will prevent you from allowing women to open up and be themselves around you.

Fear of being “judged” and outcast is what causes so many women to become closed off and appear to be angels who don’t engage in “dirty sex”.

If you’re a man who is able to communicate to women that you don’t “judge” and that you actually “like” women who are naughty and free-spirited then you will enable yourself to close and seduce women a lot more quickly and a lot more effectively.

Rules for Hotter Phone Sex

Want to have hotter phone sex? There’s an app for that.

LovePalz—a gender-appropriate sex toy that conveniently syncs to your smart phone— may change the way you and your long-distance lady get down. you can easily get in touch with any girl from any agency cityofeve.com with just you phone.

Here’s how it works: Hera, the toy that’s designed for women, and Zeus, the component for guys, both produce real-time sensations via an Internet connection. (They’re available for $49.95 each at lovepalz.com.) Once you have the toys, download the LovePalz app to your smart phone, and she’ll be able to sense your toy’s motions and respond with hers in real-time. To make the experience even closer to the real deal, the app comes with a video chat function.

Cool tech? You bet. But at the end of the day, you don’t need many bells and whistles to have great phone sex when you’re on the road, says Gloria Brame, Ph.D., a sex therapist and the author of Come Hither: A Commonsense Guide to Kinky Sex.

Take your late-night calls and Skype sessions to the next level with these 5 simple rules for smokin’ hot phone sex. (And for more must-have sex tips and relationship advice delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for The Girl Next Door newsletter. It’s FREE!)

1. Let Her Complain When it comes to roping her in for a romp, the same rules apply whether you’re 3 feet or 3,000 miles apart. “If she’s had a hectic day and needs to unwind, let her vent,” says Brame. If you help her defuse the day’s tensions, chances are she’ll be much more open to intimacy, Brame says.

2. Pop the Question To get her in the mood, get inquisitive. Ask her what she’s wearing, then tell her you’ve been dying to take off her clothes since the minute you entered your hotel room. Ask her if she misses your touch, then tell her how badly you crave her taste. The follow-up to the question is especially key, since that’s how she’ll know you’re in the mood, says Brame.
3. Be Her Tour Guide Once you’ve dropped the hint that you’re ready to get dirty (and she’s on board), set the scene. “We’re different people when we’re aroused,” says Brame. “So to have good phone sex, you actually have to get her in the mood.” Your move: Ask her to go to the bedroom to undress, but insist that you be the one that guides her though the process. Tell her which garments to remove and when to remove them. And as she’s following your lead, guide her hands with your words. Tell her where to caress, and to describe how it feels. When you verbally take control of the situation, it makes things less awkward for her, says Brame. (Satisfy any woman by finding out Her Biggest Sex Secrets.)

4. Get Filthy Avoid talking about the traditional moves you normally do in bed. “People typically feel freer on the phone because they’re just talking about naughty desires rather than dealing with the pressure of actually executing them,” says Brame. If there’s something you’ve been dying to try, go ahead and get graphic. Since you’ll lack the sensations of real-life sex, Brame says the explicit thrill will keep you both aroused and focused on the task at hand . . . pun intended.

5. Indulge Your Inner Caveman Phone sex won’t work without solid communication and participation from both sides—but don’t limit your interactions to merely words. “Never underestimate how sexy heavy breathing and moaning can be for a woman,” says Brame. If it turns her on in the sack, it’ll be even better when you’re grunting right in her ear over the phone.

How to Give a Handjob: The Definitive Guide

Pressure: It’s a cock, not flower; you’re not going to hurt him. You can give him a real tug. What’s the right amount of pressure? It really depends on the guy, but I suggest holding it as hard as you would a handrail in wintertime, but on a staircase that you are familiar with. Make sense?

Height: Because you’re amazingly observant, and would probably make a good detective (or an excellent snoop), you noticed just how low and high your buddy’s strokes were when you encouraged him to beat his meat in front of you. Another half-grade bonus for taking initiative. With some allowances for foreskin, this is really your ideal range.

Lube: This brings us to lube, which is a game-changer. If you’re using lube (and I mean real lube, which means lube that you bought, not your spit unless you are being super liberal with your spit), you can basically treat your hand like a mouth or a vagina and whatever you do is going to feel pretty good. I still recommend imitating him, but your audience will not notice if you fail to capture your subject perfectly.